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 Zero Accidents  -  Zero Incidents  -  Zero Pollution​


WindServe Marine® is committed to excellence and continual improvement in all phases of work we perform. The company operates under a very stringent Safety Management System (SMS) that covers all aspects of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental (HSQE).  All vessel and shore side operations are managed under our SMS.  

ISO 45001 ("H") is the occupational Health & Safety standard in place to assess risks, put in place protective measures and help WindServe maintain a safe and healthful workplace. The ISM (International Safety Management) Code ("S") is followed to maintain a safe and pollution-free operating practice that complies with United States and international regulations, and relevant standards and guidelines. ISO 9001 ("Q") is the International Quality Management standard followed as WindServe is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in support of its mission and to be responsive, efficient and professional to the needs of customers, the public, the country, and the environment. ISO 14001 ("E") is the Environmental Management standard implemented at WindServe which establishes our environmental management system. 

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ABS HSQE Certificate

Company Document of Compliance (ABS)

Mission & HSQE Statements

Sustainability Commitment

Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental (HSQE) Management

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